Gift Ideas for Dogs and their Owners

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Your dog deserves every measure of love and affection you can offer to it. As such, no amount of money expended on making your dog comfortable can be considered a waste or undeserving of that angel in fur. This is on the aegis of how useful and loyal this animal of all animals is to man. Other animals are there, while just being pets, they are domesticated just as companions and entertainers, but the relevance of a dog transcends companionship. A dog in your home spells security, warmth, direct communication, unconditional love, emotion, and many other immediate benefits and pleasures accruable from having the ‘man’s best friend’ around your home.

That being said, there are a variety of gifts you can offer your friend who is a dog owner. We all know that the friend is merely a conduit to the animal, and straightway, we go down on the list of things a dog owner will receive from you and be grateful to you for life. The curated list includes stuff like the following:

·       The Car-shaped Pet Bed

Pugz n Stuff Dog Bed

Your dog will be all over the place wandering back and forth and cannot get enough of the fluffy feeling of this tailor-made mattress. The mattress is durable and washable and can withstand all the bites, shoves and playfulness of your little man. It comes in different sizes and shapes.

       Interactive Rubber Ball 

Pugz n Stuff Interactive Rubber Balls

Give your dogs hours of fun with interactive rubber balls.  These toys will keep your dogs occupied and ease off boredom.  Lodge their favorite treats in between the ridges and your dogs will have fun trying to get them.  Rewards your pups with these toys and they will love you even more!


·       Stunning Dog Bone Necklace

Pugz n Stuff Dog Bone Necklace

This is the perfect gift for the stylish dog mom.  Great for any occasion.  Made of sterling silver, this beautiful necklace comes with a bone-shaped pendant with a cubic zirconia ring accent. 

All of these items and more are easily obtained at Pugz n Stuff -- check out our  online pet shop. Some of the products here come with free shipping.

Wouldn’t you rather be nice today?

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