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Pugz n Stuff is a pet boutique offering specialty dog-themed products that are not often available at major pet stores. We offer pet apparel, harnesses and leashes, pet car seats and travel accessories, pet-inspired home decor and mugs, phone cases, fashion jewelry and more! Browse our catalog for our collection of pet supplies and accessories that dogs of all breeds and their owners can enjoy.

The business idea was inspired by two pugs, Vinnie and Honey. They came to our lives unexpectedly when they were very small puppies. It was the worst timing -- we were going through a major change -- careers and locations and all. We were about to uproot ourselves from California, our home for the past 20 years, to move to Las Vegas. It was a period of frenzied activities. Truthfully, we really needed the change. Then the pugs arrived. They were very young. We panicked at first. How do you fit taking care of 2 very young dogs into an already frenetic existence? Well, we learned. Very fast. They were not easy particularly, because the pug breed is known for being needy. And true to the breed, they required a lot of care and attention. And a lot of love. And a lot of food. And toys. And chews. And vitamins. And grooming products. And beds. And a lot of other things that were not always available in one place. To save time, we learned to shop online. So that's how it all started.

That was in 2010. Now, Vinnie and Honey are almost 8 years old and are two of the most adored and spoiled rotten dogs in the world.

Life with them has shown us that no matter how busy you are, or how frantic life gets, no matter how hard you work or how little sleep you get, those moments spent with your dogs rank right up there with reading a good book, lazy Sunday mornings, doing nothing just because, binge-watching your favorite show, eating ice cream, going for a bike ride, strolling along Venice Beach in July, and the rare simple pleasures interspersed in between long hours of a hard day's work.

You shop for your dogs and give them what they want and you go out of your way to see them happy. Because, at the end of the day, when they wag their tail and excitedly greet you when you come home, you realize that those ordinary moments are actually life's extraordinary moments.

Gorgeous pugs:  Honey (left) at 2 months old and Vinnie (right) at 3 months old.

 Vinnie and Honey | About Us | Pugz n Stuff

 At the beach:  Vinnie (left) and Honey (right), 6 years old.

Vinnie and Honey | Pugz n Stuff

Vinnie and Honey playing with another dog at the park.

Vinnie looking bored | Pugz n Stuff

Vinnie doing the bored pug look.  

Vinnie at play | Pugz n Stuff

Vinnie at play in the park.